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PLEASE NOTE: JBMail is no longer developed, supported, or sold. There will be no further releases.
There may be security vulnerabilities in this software, though the author is not aware of any exploits.
JBMail doesn't render (or even support!) HTML or javascript, so it's unlikely that reading messages poses a threat.
The downloadable version 3.3 includes the latest OpenSSL libraries from 2013;
if you wish to continue using JBMail beyond 2013, keep the DLL files up to date.

I'm happy to announce that JBMail Plus is now available for free! This full version previously required you to purchase license(s), but I'm now granting a free license to anyone with the "beta" version. All features (multiple profiles) are enabled.

You can download JBMail Plus 3.3 beta3a in a ZIP file. There is no installer. All you have to do is unzip the package into a new directory; see readme.txt (inside the ZIP) for further instructions. I can not provide any further support.

On a personal note: my deepest thanks to all the fans of JBMail over these 14 years. I've received enormous amounts of feedback, and there have been countless people who helped me test and improve this software. I've received lots of nice emails and met lots of nice people. Thanks to all of you for using my software, and most of all for appreciating my work! - Jem

About the software

JBMail is a compact and portable secure e-mail client. The software has been designed for simplicity, security and "on-line mailbox access" meaning that mail is manipulated remotely and NOT stored locally. JBMail supports POP3, SMTP, SSL/TLS and all essential mail client features - but it is not "just another" mail client.

Ideal for USB flash drive, CD, or even floppy disk!

JBMail runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP. Although there is no direct Linux/UNIX support yet, JBMail runs nearly perfectly under Wine v20041201 (even with SSL/TLS connections).

Who might want to use this software?

  • ROAD WARRIORS and MOBILE USERS who benefit from a streamlined mail client that leaves mail on the server and which doesn't force them to download all mail (saving time and bandwidth). The program itself is self-contained and portable, and does not require installation.

  • SECURITY CONSCIOUS PROFESSIONALS who benefit from a clean, simple mail client that doesn't expose them to the security and privacy risks posed by HTML mail and script support. Attachments are decoded on demand only, ensuring that viruses are not automatically unleashed. HTML is never rendered, so advertisers can not track messages.

  • USERS OF REMOTE SERVICES who require a properly implemented, yet easy to use SSL/TLS client for encrypted POP3 and SMTP transactions. Encrypted mail access is becoming the standard for business, academic, and government mail services.

  • I.T. PROFESSIONALS who receive an excessive volume of daily mail and need powerful filtering capabilities. With direct mailbox access on the server, users can quickly clean and take care of incoming mail to reduce or even eliminate local mail storage. Easy access to multiple profiles makes managing many accounts easy.

Latest version:
JBMail Plus 3.3 beta3a (2005-05-10)
Last official release:
JBMail 3.2 (2003-05-21)
32-bit Windows
Free license for beta version
JBMail Plus is now free!
JBMail Plus 3.3 beta3a (ZIP)


New in version 3.3 beta3a

Updated OpenSSL libraries. The latest JBMail Plus package includes OpenSSL 1.0.1e (2013-02-11) for better security.

PGP, via external GnuPG software. Once all keys are setup in GnuPG, the composer allows you to sign and encrypt emails, or decrypt and verify signatures. There is no key management in JBMail.

Various user interface enhancements. Composer can now auto-complete addresses; partial support of mailto: URLs; file associations for .JBM (stored emails viewable in JBMail); search feature in address book.

Core features

Security and Privacy. JBMail uses smart technology choices to eliminate the security and privacy hazards found in other mail clients, without sacrificing interoperability. For instance, HTML is stripped to plain text and not rendered.

Full SSL/TLS support. Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security use state-of-the-art encryption to protect POP3 and SMTP communications from eavesdropping and spoofing. Provided by the industry standard OpenSSL.

Virus protection. Multiple levels of defense against viruses, worms and trojans. Safety features include a file block list and executable file SanityCheck.

Junk mail filtering. JBMail includes powerful junk/spam filtering capabilities, including whitelist and blacklist, heuristic custom filters, and even header pattern matching.

Portability. Fits on a floppy disk; no install required. No local mail storage, and no registry keys created. Messages can be viewed and saved/archived in plain text format to guarantee cross-client and cross-platform compatibility.

Efficiency. Header-based POP3 access lets you read and delete mail directly on server without downloading everything. Light-weight software is nimble even on old computers!

Supports POP3 and SMTP; MIME; base64 and UUencoded attachments; ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) Western European characters; and many other standard features.

Only in JBMail Plus: Ability to save multiple profiles and message flags/states. Mail is still kept on the server.


The Setup window and Inbox window (showing an active session over SSL)



Also see the Online Manual. Learn about MD5 signatures.

Latest version: JBMail Plus 3.3 beta3a (2005-05-10)
This full version is now FREE!
jbmailplus33.zip, ZIP archive (816 KB) with OpenSSL 1.0.1e
MD5 signature
Last official release: JBMail 3.2 trial (2003-05-21)
jbmail32.exe, self-installing package (554 KB) MD5 signature
jbmail32.zip, ZIP archive (523 KB) MD5 signature
jbmail32-nossl.zip, ZIP archive, no SSL (159 KB) MD5 signature

Reviews, Awards and Recognition

  • About.com's e-mail expert gives JBMail 4 out of 5 stars, and says that "JBMail is an excellent tool to access and manage a POP email account online" (2013)

  • Thailand's c9c networks exclusively recommends JBMail to its customers. As of summer 2003, "JBMail 3.2 is the only one e-mail software for full security recommended by c9c"

  • Adams Telco, an ISP for Illinois and Missouri (USA) recommends JBMail to its customers as a way to clean up mailboxes

  • JBMail was reviewed in the July 17, 2003 issue of Lockergnome, an extremely popular tech newsletter. Meryl wrote: "it's for people on the go that need a way to portably manage e-mail... It's lightweight and ideal as a secondary e-mail client."

  • JBMail is advertised on a promotional T-shirt produced by tinyapps.org, a site that celebrates "very small software for your PC" (2003)

  • JBMail was reviewed and distributed on CD along with the February 2002 issue of UK's (IDG) PC Advisor Magazine

  • JBMail was reviewed in the January 2002 issue of Finland's MikroPC Magazine

  • A lengthy review of JBMail was published in the December 2001 issue of Switzerland's PC-tip Magazine. JBMail has also been distributed on CD alongside the magazine, and has been a Top 10 download at the web site.

  • Alan Winstanley reviewed JBMail in the November 2001 issue of UK's Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine, and wrote: "JBMail works very well and in terms of time saved, it has proved to be a good investment for a busy Internet worker."

  • JBMail is listed at thefreesite.com, home of "the Web's Best Freebies"

  • JBMail 3.2 has received a 5-star rating at Soft32.com

  • JBMail was reviewed in the April 2001 issue of the Quickbytes newsletter. Bill Platt wrote: "I have used this application extensively since first downloading it... JBMail is awesome! Get your copy today."

  • Thiravudh Khoman reviewed JBMail for tprthai.net in May of 2000

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