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grepcidr 2.0 - unix, GNU GPL, 2014-05-26

grepcidr is a popular IP address and CIDR network filter, useful for log file analysis and network security. This version adds IPv6 support, speed improvement (no more regex), stricter IP matching, and various bug fixes and enhancements.

JBMail Plus 3.3 beta3a - Windows, freeware, 2013-05-27

JBMail is an old product and has not been developed since 2005. Yet there are still fans out there! I have decided to make it available for free, so you can now download JBMail Plus (previously required you to purchase a license). JBMail is a compact and portable e-mail tool that lets you read emails from POP3, manage/cleanup mailboxes, and debug mail servers. It supports SSL/TLS for secure connections to POP3 and SMTP. There was nothing else like it back in 2003! It proved to be immune against all kinds of malicious emails and virus threats because it doesn't render HTML, doesn't understand javascript, and doesn't download attachments by default. Though JBMail is no longer developed, I have packaged it with the latest OpenSSL library (1.0.1e) so you can at least use it with the latest crypto library.

SpamTestBuddy 0.95 - unix, open source, 2007-09-27

SpamTestBuddy is a simple, light-weight, multiple-input spam scoring tool. It is standalone and can be used with simple procmail rules without root access or daemons. Features built-in support for simple DNS checks including DNSBL (DNS-based blocklist) queries, and can scan headers from filters such as SpamProbe, QSF, DSPAM that you already use. Use SpamTestBuddy to adjust the score from your statistical filter, to reduce both false positives and false negatives with the benefit of extra spam tests.

renattach 1.2.4 - unix, GNU GPL, 2006-10-24

New --loop option removes Delivered-To headers from the input message. This defends Postfix against a "mail forwarding loop" spam relay trick.


Jem writes software as a hobby. The great majority of the site content has been freeware and open source since the year 2000. The DOS freeware dates back even further, to 1997, when Jem was hacking assembler code for fun (many of the programs are written in pure x86 assembler).

Since then, Jem has produced hundreds of public software releases which have been downloaded several million times from this site. The free software written by Jem has also been included inside and distributed along with books, free software CDs, and other free software projects. The grepcidr tool, for instance, shows up in Linux and FreeBSD distributions.

This web site, which is the same as pc-utils.com, has been online since 1999.