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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:   How do I install these programs?

A:   Windows programs distributed as EXE files are self-installing. ZIP files, however, are compressed archives and must first be un-zipped.

Q:   When I run your program(s) nothing happens. What's going on?

A:   You are probably trying to run a command line Windows program. "Command line" or "console" programs do not have graphical interfaces; they output plain text. You have to run such programs from the Command Prompt. To get to the command prompt, use Start/Run and open "command" on Windows 9x systems or "cmd" on Windows NT systems. You must then type the program name and any parameters at the C:\> prompt, for example: berkfind *.txt /p

Q:   What are MD5 signatures? How do I verify them?

A:   This is entirely optional. The signatures are an extra security measure that let you verify the integrity and authenticity of downloaded files. The MD5 signature of the file you download can be computed with our freeware utility, and should be compared to the expected value to verify integrity.

Q:   How do I add my own software to your site?

A:   You can not add your own software to the main site.

Q:   What is your privacy policy?

Here is our privacy policy.