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Downloads: DOS

Tools and Utilities for MS-DOS, DR-DOS, PC-DOS. Most of these programs are designed to run under true DOS, not a DOS emulator.

Power Menu 1.0b Simple yet attractive text mode menu system, low overhead
bP Macro 2.1 Record keystrokes and automatically replay in any application
bP Copy 1.06 Fast file copier with bar graph and advanced options
DOS Utilities Collection A collection of many small, useful DOS utilities
BerkFind 1.02 Small, flexible file finder and file tool
MakeTXT 1.1 Convert any file to plain ASCII text
Wipe 3.04 Quickly and securely erase files to make recovery difficult
Time Stamp 1.1 Set file(s) time stamps to precise value
Blackout 2.00 Screen blanker with superior compatibility, low memory usage
BerkDPMS 1.02 Screen saver that uses monitor's DPMS mode, low memory usage
RingRes 1.2 Alert with sound/LED flash when phone line rings
Modem Monitor 1.02 Show real-time modem status signals