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These are just some comments received by e-mail over the last 15 years


  • "... I love your program. It does what the $1000+ antivirus software couldn't do on SuSE OpenExchange Server, it stops viruses that the virus software doesn't know about yet."
  • "It's, by far, the best filter I've ever tried: easy to install, very easy to configure and fast, very fast. Great job!"
  • "Can I just say that renattach was the perfect solution for us to filter e-mail attachments. We use sendmail and the instructions provided were perfect and I had the thing implemented in just a few hours. Even with virus protection on most PCs the last major virus caused us a lot of trouble."


  • "I still use Pegasus Mail occasionally as a backup, but overall, I love your program. What attracted me to it the most was the fact that you could effortlessly and quickly save e-mails in plain text without having to go through a lot of steps like you do in "regular" e-mail programs. I always wanted to archive my e-mails in plain text, but I get so much e-mail, it got to be a nuisance. So, more often than not, my e-mails just remained in proprietary format, and the only way I could deal with them was by launching the e-mail client. Backups were a nuisance as well due to the proprietary format." -GF
  • "I found your product through Google while searching for an email client with SSL support built in, allow me to view email subjects and headers without having to download every message also of importance to me was the size of the program, I wanted something to get the job done without adding more bloat-ware to my computer. Your product filled all those needs and much more, I compared your product to many others and none of them offered everything you do in a single package. You did a great job writing/creating this program and the price cannot be beat for all that you offer."
  • "Brilliant! ... no other word can accurately describe your product."
  • "JBMail really is a dandy program and has helped me unstick stuck email from my account a couple of time. It also allows one to avoid a lot of the virus and spyware stuff that is particularly prevalent at the moment. It is actually almost good enough to replace my regular email software, Outlook Express or Outlook. Thank you for the quality product and the concern for your users."
  • "What a great program you developed! I really enjoy it and it made my life so much easier. It beats Outlook a 100 times over!"
  • "You know that you've created the very finest e-mail tool in the world, don't you? I rely on jbmail and don't know how I survived without it. The software and the documentation... all first rate." - Jill S.
  • "I find JBMail increasingly more useful - apart from using it when away from home I use it several times a day to filter out the exponentially increasing amount of spam I receive before downloading my mail to Outlook."
  • "I might have to start using this when i'm in windows...it's perfect because it doesn't delete messages on the server, unless i tell it to."
  • "I use your software every day, primarily for removing junk mail and unwanted large-ish attachments; these changes in 3.1 are excellent. Unlike other vendors I have used, it is a pleasure to see the software being significantly enhanced on a regular basis."
  • "I use this program regularly, and consider it to be one of my most popular programs and a terrific investment" - Joseph Sprute, Cyber-Rave
  • "This is how all software should be! Concise (the software along with PIMP [I believe] installation system is only 113kb), lightning-fast, and easy to use. Too bad Microsoft doesn't have this kind of no-nonsense software."
  • "I was looking for exactly this --a program that allows me to 'pre-edit' my incoming mail before downloading it. I have been getting a lot of junk mail ... that contains nothing but gibberish characters, and causes Eudora to crash ... With your program I can weed out the trash first. In fact, I can see it replacing Eudora entirely. Thanks for your work!"
  • "JBMail 2.3 is definitely a cool piece of software. Probably the most useful email tool I've come across in a while."
  • "When I connect in the morning I have around 100 emails waiting, 70% or so candidates for instant delete, so JBMail is a fantastic time saver, allowing one to check the mail headers without downloading, and one may view, preview, delete, save, print, retrieve attachments, or delete junk mail. This gives you fast access to your mail." - excerpt from review at TuDogs (rated 5 dogs!)
  • "Great to check out mail headers when traveling" - User comment at download.com
  • "WOW!!! Extremely easy to use, and also extremely useful. Makes it easy to remove annoying e-mail that tends to clog up the Inbox without the need to plow through any of the attachments! Also makes it easy to check for e-mail from ANY computer with an Internet connection without the need to reconfigure or the need to forward the e-mail back to yourself after it is POPped from the server. And it's only a 142K download!!! All these cool features and it's FREE to boot!!!" - User comment at download.com
  • "Hya! Your email proggy has made me happy! I do not trust outlook, so I was using web based email to fetch my pop3 mail. I got tired of the banners and was looking for a small program that doesn't have spyware, and lets me delete the junk without having to download it. Previewing it is even better! It is also way quicker at getting to the mail than anything I have used."
  • "I really love JB Mail--stable and useful plus fantastic for road warriors w/ laptops and slow connections. In fact, that's how I use it in my consulting."
  • "This app doesn't try to do too many things, but what it does, it does well. A single .exe with no dll's or other components, it can be used to weed out your mail before you download it, or run from a floppy to check your mail on someone else's system without installing anything (what I use it for)." - User comment at download.com
  • "Thanks, am running my registered version of your great product JBMail. Very happy with it - saves me loads of time sorting out errant POP3 accounts."
  • "Just thought I would let you know that JB Mail saved the day again! Had a mail that just would not download via Outlook Express....program kept refusing....and with JB MAIL was able to check out just what the mail was and delete. In fact the mail was nothing of importance... Nice one JB MAIL!!"
  • "Using JB Mail a great deal and in fact has altered the way I log on for mail and saves a load of time. No sensible mailer should be without it! I recall that feeling not long ago when the mail pipeline jammed up. Not nice and what the hell would folks do if they were "mail bombed" without the likes of JB Mail?... I doubt that many actually know that [direct] access to mailbox IS available."
  • "The trial version in fact saved my day this morning as I had 20 mails to download and as I have a small business here in the UK, then receiving email on time is imperative. Problem began after email 14 had downloaded and mail 15 would not download! Log jam! Mail Manager Microsoft Outlook 2000 timed out, so I was in a hell of a situation! Well I was until I fired up JB MAIL.the rest is history:-)"
  • "I run a music website, and large e-mails are nothing new to me. But when someone sent a 33MB e-mail, I though that I'll have to get rid of that e-mail address, and start a new one, which of course, meant change the hyperlinks on my site. So after many a week searching for a tool that could delete mail straight from the server, I stumbled over JBMail... and all I can I can say is.... thanks! You've saved me many a hour in downloading useless or very large messages, plus the time it would've taking me to organise everything if I had to scrap my e-mail address." - The eJay Site
  • "JBMail is great for checking mail when you've already got outlook and outlook express checking other mails and you wanna keep it all separate."
  • "Your partial and purge mailbox features will solve a few nagging problems for me! . . . I really like [JBMail], you did a great job."
  • "I have ben using JBMail [Plus] as a means of examining my mail and removing messages I am not interested in archiving in an offsite computer at home from work... JBMail is a solidly functional software utility and priced just right."
  • "What i can say? JBMAIL is Excelent. And the best is FREE!!"
  • "JB-Mail is just GREAT for my business - I am on 100 opt-in lists and must process 20-30 megs of messages a day from (5) Pop3 boxes. Now it takes 20 minutes to clean before download, instead of 4 hours of downloads and then cleaning!"
  • "I just tried and used JB-Mail. It did what I asked of it. Well done. Everyone should have it."
  • "Recently I've downloaded JB-Mail and after two days it has become the first app I'm starting when the work begins... [it's a] cool little helper"
  • "This is the most clever and useful little program I've ever seen. I had problems downloading e-mail from my well known ISP. Their tech support deleted files and still I could not get past message 7 out of 18 in the pop3 server. With desperation I went to winfiles.com to try another e-mail program. When I saw the description of your program I was skeptical what it could do. I couldn't believe that I could so easily get into my e-mail account on the ISP's server. I checked the messages on the server and found the problem, an large MS Excel attachment that somehow was choking the download process. Thanks a lot for a great utility."
  • "[JB-Mail] did what it claims can be done: I could view/preview the messages, delete some/all of them and save some in text files. My overall impression is that this piece of software is very good, particularly in view of its size and portability."
  • "I'm just about to download your JB-Mail app. If it does what it promises, this is a true blessing."
  • "This is a great program, I have used it to 'Unblock' 2 users boxes already."
  • "The program is very useful"
  • "[JB-Mail] is a small and fast mail program"
  • "[JB-Mail] window has a simple and 'clear' design"
  • "I am amazed"
  • "Tried it on a seriously filled box (>140 msgs) works superb and fast!! Mime Attachments work fine!"
  • "A short impression of your program: it is neat ! nice, small and fast."
  • "I am actually starting to use your mail-util... That probably means that it is an attractive program. The print and attachment functions are perfect for easy viewing."
  • "I am eternally grateful particularly for JB-Mail"
  • "I got 30 MB Mails in my Mailbox and how to delete when u donīt want them ???? Outlook.... haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa. So I searched on WINFILES and found the best E-Mail Prog ever seen, [JB-Mail].. So I must say Thank u !!!"
  • "Nifty program, JB-Mail"


  • "After installing Netscape 6 on my Win2k system, MSIE refused to open URL shortcuts on my desktop, or links in emails. After searching the web, newsgroups and the MS Knowledge Base for weeks, I had just about given up hope of finding an answer. While search for other software, I happened to find your site and the "SetBrowser" utility. A quick 10 second download, and one minute to run the program presto! IE was back to playing nicely again."
  • "Your SetBrowser program literally saved my sanity. Internet Explorer 5.5 would NOT recognize that it was no longer the default browser and would NOT allow me to switch it back. As much as I LIKE the OTHER browsers, I prefer IE as my default due to load speed. Please accept my highest praise and my deepest thanks."
  • "Thanks ! A very handy and wonderfully compact utility"
  • "I found your site recommended on the alt.netscape newsgroup. They were suggesting your "setbrowser" program, which I downloaded. It works great! Thanks for providing these programs for us, it is much appreciated." - Jonathan Dlouhy. (Principal Oboe, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra)
  • "VERY VERY NICE. Simple and functional the way code rightly should be."
  • "Congrats on a job well done. The program is very small and very simple as promised. And it does the job, which is obviously the most important issue here. I changed browsers a few times, and each time calls from other programs seemed to respond to the switch."
  • "I've been messing with setbrows and it seems pretty stable to me. I have IE5 and Netscape 4.7 installed and switching back and forth has been quite painless. I like the fact that my icons are not altered."
  • "Program works great ... very simple ands saves hunting in the registry."
  • "I was using Netscape as my browser and I loaded an upgrade to AOL on my computer then Microsoft Internet Explorer took over my system. Try as I might I could not get Netscape back. [Then] I downloaded your freeware and used it. It worked like a charm and I am now a happy camper."


  • "After an easy trial use I gave it a serious test--I went into my outlook express data depository and chose my email inbox (83 mb DBX), and your program converted the entire file of three months of email into a single text document in less than a minute. I was then able to easily open the text file using the Note Tab Light program ... I've tried several different programs for this sort of thing and nothing even comes close. This is a truly effective program which more than meets its promotion." - John C. McIntyre, Jr.

JB Dialer

A novel use. Although JB Dialer was originally meant to be a flexible telephone speed-dial, I received this e-mail from a ham radio operator who is using JB Dialer to transmit control codes over the airwaves:

  • "You have no idea how much this program will help me ... I said earler that this was a great little tool. Now I have to say that it is a super great tool. We have several 2 meter repeators in [some states] are linked together with [freq.] mhz. The JB-Dialer makes it super easy to send the DTMF codes to the repeator controlers. Most of the software and hardware dialers out there only support 16 digits for each memory. Some of the DTMF strings I have to send have 200 or more digits. With this program I can sit down and copy all of our codes down with the edit text and give them a name for recall. Then I just key up my radio and place the mike close to my head set and hit the dial button. Before I came across your program I had to punch all those numbers in with a DTMF microphone, only to find out when I got done that something had enter feard with my signal and I would have to do it all over again. Now if that happens I just hit the dial button and send it again. Thanks again."