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Tools and Utilities for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP. The freeware utilities never have to be registered, and the trialware utilities offer an unlimited free trial period.

WARNING: This software is obsolete, and was last tested under Windows XP in 2005. You should not run this software on modern Windows computers. The software is posted here for historical / research purposes.

GUI (graphical) programs

popURL 1.0 Get information about a web server/URL with one click
JBMail 3.2 Compact and portable secure e-mail client, POP3 and SMTP with SSL/TLS
JB-Dialer 1.1 DTMF (touch tone) speed dial through audio speakers, not modem.
MakeTXT 1.0.3 Convert any file to plain ASCII text
ViewHEAD 1.0.5 View hidden HTTP server response codes for a URL
DIR2HTML 1.1.0 Convert a local directory to an HTML index with hyperlinks
SetBrowser 1.4 Manually set the default Windows web browser
Minute Timer 1.1 Simple, general purpose countdown timer
Notify 1.0 Alerts user when watched files/directories are modified, low overhead
ServTerm 1.0 TCP/IP tool that acts as a server and lets you type responses

Console/command line programs

MD5sums 1.2 Generate MD5 hashes of files (with progress indicator)
exitdelay 1.0 Automatically terminate application window after time delay
joinwav 1.0 Join many PCM WAV files into single audio file
BerkFind 2.1 Command line file finder, search for files or text inside files
ptime 1.0 Accurately measure program execution time
FindEXE 1.1 Locate potential viruses and worms hiding in non-executable files
Trim 1.0 Trim a number of lines from the start of a text file
NoIndent 1.0 Remove leading space (not tab) indents from starts of lines
Time Stamp 1.1 Set a file's time stamp to a precise value
Host Info 1.0.1 Obtain your computer's internet host name and IP address
File Splitter 1.0 Split a large file into several smaller files
XCode 1.0.0 Scramble a file with a password
WipeFree 1.0.0 Overwrite free disk space to make file recovery difficult