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win32: Minute Timer

Minute Timer 1.1 - Simple, general purpose countdown timer

License: Freeware

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WARNING: This software is obsolete, and was last tested under Windows XP in 2005. You should not run this software on modern Windows computers. The software is posted here for historical / research purposes.

 Minute Timer (MinTimer) is a general-purpose, simple desktop count-down timer and alarm. It's easy to use and is perfect for reminding yourself to do certain things -- like getting up from the computer and stretching your legs (for example)!

Download freeware - mintim11.exe [39 K]
Latest beta version - mintimer-1.2.exe [201 K]

If you are using Linux, the latest beta version can also be compiled for Linux with X11. The source code is not available, however if you contact us we can provide you a statically linked binary.

Changes in this version:

  • Timer now has 0.5 second accuracy over any interval
  • Fixed drifting clock issue under Windows 9x