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win32: ServTerm

ServTerm 1.0 - TCP/IP tool that acts as a server and lets you type responses

License: Freeware

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WARNING: This software is obsolete, and was last tested under Windows XP in 2005. You should not run this software on modern Windows computers. The software is posted here for historical / research purposes.

 ServTerm is a winsock tool which can assist you in debugging client/server communications. You can make it act as a server (eg, a web server or mail server) to examine the data that clients transmit. ServTerm itself transmits data line-by-line to mimic server behaviour. You can also use ServTerm in client mode, in which case it acts like a telnet program except that you can scroll back to see previous output and transmit data line-by-line.

Download freeware - servt-10.zip [22 kb]