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win32: FindEXE

FindEXE 1.1 - Locate potential viruses and worms hiding in non-executable files

License: Freeware

WARNING: This software is obsolete, and was last tested under Windows XP in 2005. You should not run this software on modern Windows computers. The software is posted here for historical / research purposes.

 Quickly searches one or more paths and locates executable files with conventionally non executable file extensions. Such files may be viruses or trojan programs trying to hide from virus scanners (e.g. a JPG file which really contains an executable virus).

Download freeware - fndexe11.zip [23 kb]

Changes in version 1.1

  • Added summarized results at end of output
  • Added a pause switch
  • Now uses much less memory
  • Fixed infinite loop in case of inaccessible directories