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win32: ViewHEAD

ViewHEAD 1.0.5 - View hidden HTTP server response codes for a URL

License: Freeware

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WARNING: This software is obsolete, and was last tested under Windows XP in 2005. You should not run this software on modern Windows computers. The software is posted here for historical / research purposes.

 Given a hypertext transfer protocol URL, this program shows the headers that the server sends in response to a HEAD request. These headers include valuable information, such as identification of the remote server's software, remote time and date, the MIME type and size of a file, and various other pieces of information. Most web browsers today don't let you see the information that ViewHEAD returns.

Download freeware - vhead105.zip [26 kb]

Changes in this version:

  • Prepopulates address box with http://
  • IP addresses are no longer passed through DNS