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DOS: BerkFind

BerkFind 1.02 - Small, flexible file finder and file tool

License: Trialware

 BerkFind is a very small (3 kb) DOS utility that can search a directory or an entire drive for file(s) based on their (partial) names or on strings of text inside the files. BerkFind features a simple command line syntax, very fast recursive search method, organized and informative output, and the ability to find hidden/system files and even files cloaked with the volume attribute. There is also a Windows version of this program.

Download evaluation version - berkf102.zip (4 kb)


  • $15 US per license
  • Includes /J switch which lets you jump to the directory containing a file
  • Includes /E switch to erase all found files
  • Includes /Q switch to erase files "quietly" (without prompt)
  • Registration reminder removed
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