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DOS: Power Menu

Power Menu 1.0b - Simple yet attractive text mode menu system, low overhead

License: Freeware for non-commercial use

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 Power Menu is a unique menu system for DOS. The interface is a simple (yet colourful) text screen. Users can scroll through a listing of up to 255 programs with a lightbar and execute programs. No batch files are created during program execution - Power Menu is a true shell. Only a 1.4 KB stub is kept in memory during program execution. The menu is easy to configure and the entire program is only 3 KB. Give this freeware menu system a try!

  • "There are lots of DOS shell programs out there, but Power Menu is a simple and quick fix to the problem of typing commands at the DOS prompt" - DOS World Magazine, January 1998

Download freeware - power10b.zip [6K]
Latest beta version - power10c.zip [2K]