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unix: smtpauth

smtpauth 0.94 - Authenticating proxy for servers without SMTP AUTH

Language: C

License: GNU GPL

Download source: smtpauth-0.94.tar.gz [11K]


Use 'smtpauth' and stunnel programs to add SMTP AUTH (PLAIN, LOGIN) support to any SMTP server. Clients can authenticate over SSL port 465 or cleartext port 587, and authentication is fully logged via syslog.

Works with JBMail, Pegasus Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook...

This software is really an interim solution until our favourite MTA(s) support SSL/TLS and SMTP AUTH directly. For now I prefer using external programs to provide this functionality rather than patching MTA source. I designed this software to work with my Postfix server, but smtpauth also works with sendmail and just about any other SMTP server.